Woman of mystery

Men like to complain about women being too emotional, too complicated, too hard to understand. I complain about women the same, so I complain about myself as such, too.

Anais Nin talks about being a woman, a mother – a mother who gives life not to children of the earth, but a mother who gives life to the men who are artists. And of course, being an artist is being somewhere ever so close to God, the Creator.


Have you ever wondered why women orgasm? Unlike men, it does not serve any functional purpose for women. There are quite a number of women who never experienced orgasm in their entire lives. And even for the same woman who is capable of reaching orgasm, she may find orgasm an entirely whimsical fairy.

Oh but when it comes, it consumes you from the depth of your soul, gushing your tears out, breaths short, eyes shut.

Yes. Ecstasy. Ecstasy, the utter beatitude, and tears. (Have you ever wondered why tragedy is placed on a higher ground than comedy?)

When a woman reaches that ecstatic moment, the equivalent of male orgasmic functionality is achieved – to give life to the Stimmung, 洪荒,where artists springs to life, where one is closest to God.

It takes a lifetime for the woman to unveil this mystery about herself, and it takes much more for a man to unveil this mystery with her, and for her. If you are a woman, consider it a great privilege to be a woman of mystery; and if you are a man, oh… when you meet the woman for you, what great mystery stands before you to unveil…..



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